Tura Scandinavia

Full control and an efficient tool for the own sales force within B2B

Tura Scandinavia

Tura Scandinavia is one of Scandinavia’s focal suppliers of accessories for home electronics. Since they started in 1976, Tura has become the Nordic general agent . Today, Tura is a main provider for B2C electronics retail. Tura operates in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark.

The challenge

Tura needed to shorten their lead times, get their products on the market and enhance their digital selling channel in order to support and incite their own sales online as well as in the physical meeting with customers.

Focus was on finding the right products in Tura’s broad and deep product hierarchy as this turned out to be a prominent need both for the own organization as well as for customers. Tura also needed a solution flexible enough to meet the demands of the future, for both function as for performance.

The solution

To map the business needs, we performed an Impact Map. Different target groups with different user needs contributed with knowledge, experience and proof-of-concept in order to prioritize and create a solution that best supports Tura’s sales and business.

A new solution based on Wipcore’s eNova, Elastic Search as well as Kooboo CMS has given Tura full control on the product flow. Customers as well as the own sales organization can now search relevant products. The solution acts as a hub for Tura’s product and selling information and is integrate to Tura’s business system Navision, which is a source for business-critical data.

The site is search-driven regarding all product information in order to maximize performance and at the same time create a solution which is easy to navigate within and has dynamic sorting and filtering.

Along with the digital commerce project, Tura received a new graphic profile to re-brand the new and improved Tura Scandinavia.

The result

The result is a modern and user-friendly site that, with its’ responsive design, works for all users irrespective of device. Tura’s lead times to get new products to market has decreased with more than 2000&%!

The technology behind the solution is the best mix between relevant and highly-performing search technology, trustable and secure critical information and logistics for customers, orders and business data. Configuring and adaption of search and dynamic filters is easily made in the administrative interface when needed.

This solution is flexible and ready for future demands and further development in order to drive Tura’s sales in all channels. It is the seller’s best friend and tool!