Scandinavian Photo

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Scandinavian Photo

Scandinavian Photo is one of Wipcore’s oldes clients. We have educated and served both professional and amateur photographers since 1997 by creating and developing digital commerce in an onmichannel climate. Throughout the years, Wipcore has delivered a digital commerce platform, checkout system for physical stores, storage system, PIM solution etc.

The challenge

The number of products and amount of information about each individual product has been increasing steadily since the start of Scandinavian Photos digital commerce in 1997. At the same time, the needs and behaviours of visitors and customers have changed. Today, we require both quicker, better and more relevant answers to what we are looking for. The behaviour of searching, instead of navigating through a solid structure, is becoming more common, as a result of mirroring behaviour from Google for example.

The solution

With Elastic as our search engine, a solution was built with quick and easy search-functionality for:

  • Products
  • Product Categories
  • Trademarks
  • Information in the form of news and blog posts
  • Search-As-You-Type (SAYT)
  • Automatic weighting of search results. Provides high relevance for visitors and customers while benefiting from internal goals to drive sales of desired products and segments.
  • "Did you mean ..."-functionality to help with misspellings and to guide the customer primarily to the products in stock.
  • Synonym management with support for expanding suggestions based on what customers are looking for.

In addition to Elastics' strength in displaying the most relevant results based on all text content and characteristics, a number of other factors are weighed into. Examples of these are the stock status and behaviour of other visitors regarding what kind of products the search actually applies to.

The result

In addition to guiding visitors and customers to the right product faster and thus reducing friction in the purchase process, the solution helps automate a lot of manual work.

Beyond the relevance and simplicity of finding the right product, whether you are looking for a brand, camera type, or article number, different types of special characters must be handled in free text when you are in a search scenario. When it comes to photography, there are many parameters that are expressed in numbers, such as aperture and focal settings. Often, product data from different suppliers is inconsistently formatted. Managing period and comma characters has been a major boost when it comes to presenting relevant results in the search scenario for Scandinavian Photo.

Ways of conjugation and differences between different languages ​​on Scandinavian Photos markets are a natural part of the search solution.

As a bonus, there has also been a real boost in performance regarding everything related to product listings and search on the site.

The simplicity of getting the right product has also made the search function on the site a standard tool internally. When employees look for the right product in their job, the search-on-site is used, both in the physical stores and for service and sales by phone.