Buying complex products – made simple

Powerhouse – a forceful digital commerce project

Powerhouse produces power solutions especially adapted for the marine industry. Well-known brands and local suppliers give fast service and a close-to-customer focus. Powerhouse operated worldwide but has its base in Gothenburg.

Search methodology and product configuration are keys in Powerhouse’s solution that not only converts and streamlines lead times and the buying process, but also makes buying a complex product a simple and understandable process for the user.

The challenge

A big part of Powerhouse’s business is selling different “Gensets”; Generator units for the marine industry. Getting the exact right configuration for each purpose is extremely important. The broad variety of products must be combined with the right cooling alternative, choice of frequency and voltage. In addition to this, there are several additional add-ons and certificates that must match which creates an extremely complex product, both to sell and to buy.

Creating the right product proposal with all details included can traditionally take several weeks before it can be delivered to the client.

The solution

A step-by-step guide was built, where customer and retailers could start configuring products on their own. After each finished configuration, the customer get detailed price suggestions along with a complete and comprehensive documentation for each unique configuration.

The result

What used to take several weeks to deliver is now completed in a couple of minutes! With this technical solution, Powerhouse makes the creation of quotations regarding a complex and difficult product easy and accessible. “The decline in time and effort of creating quotations offers Powerhouse possibilities to focus on other value-creating tasks. We are very pleased with that” says Anders Bernhardsson, Managing Director at Powerhouse AB.