Omnichannel from step one

80 years of fashion going digital

Lindex’s digital venture is as much an internal digital transformation in the organization as it is creating a new digital selling channel. Lindex is one of the Swedish fashion brands that early adapted to and anted towards an omnichannel way-of-thinking where ordering in the webshop and pick-up/return in physical stores is possible.

The challenge

A big challenge for Lindex was to shape the internal organization. Existing logistics was geared to deliveries to physical stores and there were challenges regarding working flows for item deliveries as well as direct returns to and from consumer. Lindex wanted to make the webshop a compliment to sales in phusical stores and they were early with an omnichannel business perspective where the ability to order in the webshop and pick-up/return in physical stores was possible.

The solution

A picking stock was established in Gothenburg for orders made in the webshop. To manage picking, packing and returns, Wipcore’s eNova storage module was used. Product information enrichment was managed in eNova’s BackOffice client and several integrations were developed to handle the information flow between business systems, customer clubs etc.

The webshop was initially launched in Sweden, Finland and Denmark with ambition to reach more markets in the future.

The result

During the project we have used the massive flexibility that eNova offers by optimizing technology  by mirroring the internal processes and thus streamlining the whole business. The digital commerce project has grown strongly and the webshop is now available in 28 markets with local languages, currencies, delivery options, payment methods and product range.