Quick and easy – for the seller, the buyer and the realtor

A digital vision for the housing market

To create great experience and gain conversion, the relevance of what is being sold must be in focus. It has never been easier, or faster, to find the right housing. Bovision’s new solution is completely search-driven and analysis and adapts the information for each housing object in accordance to each user’s behaviour.

The challenge

Housing is a complex product. There are many variations and features that need to be managed and quickly available in a search scenario. The target groups involved are also very diverse, with widely differing motivation to achieve conversion. Housing commerce also requires a pleasing and inspiring experience and a fast flow to establish contact between sellers and buyers.

The solution is also aimed at sellers as well as buyers and brokers, which further imposes the need to handle widely different needs.

The solution

To first set the foundation with a stable, high-performance platform we used a search-driven technology. The search engine “Elastic” is the key for collecting and presenting all information in our solution. In addition, each part of the presentation layer for different channels has been optimized as far as possible with today's technology to achieve Bovision's amazing performance.

To both create a simple and pleasurable experience for the home buyer while at the same time getting the natural tool for each broker, great attention has also been paid to the ongoing work with user experience (UX). To solve this, all parties have worked very closely and been involved in all parts throughout the project.

The result

It has never been easier to search for housing as it is now. With natural language like "house in Gothenburg with ocean view" or "apartment in Bromma 4 rooms" you get quick results matched to all properties you specified in the search box.

The solution quickly and easily creates relationships between best-matched buyers and items, but also makes each individual broker able to be informed in order to drive sales.

"With new Bovision, we are fully benefiting from the technology and digitalization opportunities for the housing market. With the help of Wipcore we have developed a solution that is the most simple to use than any competitor, but at the same time manages more data and more complex links behind the scenes. The fact that we also cater to both the housing seeker’s and the brokers' needs allows us to offer them both the most value directly in the solution".

- Peter Rydås, CEO of Bovision.