A beaming website focusing on conversion

A personal and seamless buying experience for the end-consumer

As one of the pioneers for lamps and lighting, Belysningsdesign has a strong focus on the digital selling channels. Great customer service and a focus on delightful user experience inspires their consumers to the right lighting solution indoor as well as outdoors..

The challenge

Belysningsdesign needed a personal, inspiring and seamless buying experience for the end-consumer. At the same time, the solution would be an efficient tool for the own staff in order to efficiently manage a wide variety of manufacturers, suppliers, and an ever-changing product supply. In addition, Belysningsdesign needed a prominent business focus, good sales support as well as great customer experience in every part of the project.

The solution

To meet all these needs, we organized a close and intimate collaboration between suppliers and customers as well as continuous analysis of needs, thus making it possible to prioritize the right activities in order to reach business goals.

The solution from Wipcore is a modul-based platform. Best-of-breed technology combined performance and force in a search-engine technology with advanced digital commerce logics, complex logistics and a user-friendly CMS to create a forceful tool.

The result

For the end-consumer and visitor, is a simple and inspiring way to purchase the right lighting for the right occasion. For the own sales force, the technical solution created a sales-driving tool and great possibility to offer customer service. For Belysningsdesign’s suppliers the webshop is now a well-functioning market place that ties customers closer to products and motivates customer dialogue and desire to purchase.

Belysningsdesign has a strong focus on conversion. Every new function and activity added is aimed to enhance and increase conversion. Just as a digital commerce project should.