It this you?

Do you like to work with people as much as you like to code? Great – because we are looking for nice developers for our support department!

We currently have about 20 customers who run our solutions and sometimes things goes wrong. This is of course not a good thing, but it’s a brilliant opportunity to turn the broken stuff into something that works and this is where you get into the picture!

We see that you are at the beginning of your career and still have an almost naive interest in learning exactly everything in development. We consider our support department to be a nursery with good mentorship and clear goals to take a good look along the way in order for you to take giant steps in both your career and professional development.

In contrary to what we said before, code is not everything! At Wipcore we have a organizational culture based on the everyday-life at the office. We value a workplace where everybody feels welcome and where the well-being of each person is prioritized.

If you want to help us take better care of our clients, send an email to

Good to know: We are building web pages / shopping / applications on .net

PS: The man in the video is Steve Ballmer, he started his career in Wipcore's support. #fakenews